Winter Things

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Manhattan, NY | 2:35 p.m

Marley Andrews pulled her Burberry coat closer to her thin figure as a gust of winter wind blew her blonde waves around her face. She stood outside a shop window on the streets of New York City, gazing into the store filled with sparkling dresses that would soon be worn to the most talked about New Year’s parties of the season.

Winter time had always been one of her favorite times of year, the parties, the shopping, the lights.

She pulled out her iPhone X to check the list of to do’s that she still had remaining to get done before the weekend. Her friends’ invitations to her father’s New Year’s party had been sent, arrangements for her New Year’s outfit had been made, everything was checked off her perfectly organized list except one thing.

Find a date.

Marley rolled her bambi eyes at the idea of having to choose which one of New York’s finest she would have to pick from for her father’s party.

She scrolled through her phone contacts before landing on a name and tapping it. She held the phone up to her ear as she listened to it ring before a groggy voice answered hello.

“Daniel. It’s Marley, I need a favor.”

“Hey M,” Daniel playfully answered but Marley could tell he had probably just woken up despite it being almost three in the afternoon.

“A little birdy told me you were back in Manhattan, why don’t you come over and I can give you a welcome home gift,” Daniel purred.

Marley rolled her eyes again.

“I’m serious D, I need something from you and you know you owe me after all the favors I’ve done for you,” she walked down the sidewalk as her designer heels clicked against the concrete and she got in the town car waiting for her.

“Oh you know how I love your favors,” Daniel replied.

“I need you to be my date to my father’s party in the city this weekend,”

“Your father,” Daniel scoffed, “Call me crazy but I’m pretty sure I’m the last person daddy Andrews would want to see you with, especially in front of all his A-list clients and colleagues,”

“That’s exactly the point,” Marley smirked at the idea of her father’s face when he saw his little princess cozied up with New York’s infamous party boy.

“Oh I see,” Daniel said and Marley could practically see his perfect lips twist into a devilish grin, “I suppose I could clear my calendar for this weekend, but only because I’m a sucker for scandal, especially when it involves you.”

“Perfect, pick me up at 8,” she said before hanging up the phone and smiling as she watched New York blur past her through the cab window.

“Zip me up will you, Dyl?”

Marley turned for her friend to zip up the back of her sequined party dress.

Dylan Matthews was finishing applying a crimson lipstick to her perfect pout. Next to her stood Grace Winston who was adjusting the Swarovski chandelier earrrings that hung from her ears and in the corner sat Alice Chamberlain in a forest green gown with her nose in a book.

Dylan began to zip up the back of Marley’s dazzling dress before turning to face Grace.

“So G, which one of your three dates are you planning to kiss at midnight?” Dylan asked, making Marley laugh and Alice giggle but still remaining to keep her eyes glued to her book.

Grace smirked, “Who said I can’t kiss them all?”

“Touché,” Dylan arched a flawless brow before turning her attention to her already perfectly applied mascara.

Once the girls were finished getting ready for the Andrew’s New Year’s Eve party, they made their way downstairs where a car was waiting for them along with their dates.

The city lights outside sparkled just as brightly as the girl’s dresses and diamond jewelry. Once in the car they filled dazzling glasses with bubbly champagne and sipped on it until they arrived at the party.

Camera flashes flickered as the girls and their dates made their entrance into the hotel where the party was held. Daniel, who looked nothing shy of perfection in an all black suit, helped Marley out of the car before entering the building hand in hand.

They smiled for the cameras one last time before entering the decorated lobby. On the top floor where the party was held stood an enormous evergreen tree in the center of the room, decked out in its finest attire, complete with ornaments, tinsel, and lights.

The large room overlooked the city and was filled with smiling guests wearing everything from Chanel to Versace. Over by the balcony stood Beau Andrews, conversing with important looking people.

Marley grabbed a glass of champagne off a tray one of the waiters carried before waving Daniel over from where he stood talking to James Winston and Christopher Black.

“C’mon D, I think it’s time to make an appearance for my father,” Marley said grabbing his hand.

“I don’t know, he looks kinda busy,” Daniel replied glancing over at Beau Andrews who seemed perfectly occupied chatting with a group of Manhattan A-listers.

“Who cares, that’s even better, an audience to watch as we parade over there and catch him off guard. Aren’t you dying to see the look on his face?” Marley said nearly begging at this point.

“Sorry M, I know I said I was in and all but it’s New Year’s Eve, I’d rather just enjoy the party, besides don’t you want to kiss me at midnight?” Daniel said with a wink as he downed the last of his drink.

“Ugh, I need some air,” Marley groaned, “And as for that kiss,” she said before walking away making Daniel raise an eyebrow.

“Don’t count on it.”

Marley sat alone on the rooptop of the hotel, overlooking the city. She could hear the five minute countdown to the new year begin as she took another drag of her cigarette. She couldn’t believe Daniel had bailed on her.

All she had wanted was to make her father feel how he had made her feel countless times. Losing control, helpless, humiliated even.

Like the time when he sent her away to boarding school, or the time she caught him cozying up with his assistant shortly after her mother’s passing, and especially the time when she came home for Christmas to the same woman showing off a giant diamond on her ring finger.

Footsteps behind her shook Marley from her thoughts as she looked up to see Johnny Mayer approaching her.

“Hey stranger,” he said with a half smile and his hands in his pockets, “Shouldn’t you be in there enjoying the party with the rest of them?”

Marley smiled softly, “I needed to clear my head.”

Johnny nodded, “You’ve gotta be freezing, M, here,” he said taking off his coat and wrapping it around her shoulders.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” He asked.

Marley rolled her eyes, “He practically bailed on me, but what else is new.”

Johnny sat down next to her, lighting up a cigarette of his own.

“Does it ever stop?” Marley said, breaking the silence,

“Feeling alone, I mean. I’m constantly finding myself surrounded by a room full of people, but inside I still feel like I’m alone. Like no one really cares if I’m there or not,”  she said with a distant look her in eyes. “I’m just tired of feeling alone.”

She laughed feeling slightly embarrassed, “Sorry that probably sounded silly.”

Johnny shook his head and looked at her, “No I know what you mean. And I like to think it does, you just have to surround yourself with the right people.”

Marley leaned her head on Johnny’s shoulder, grateful for his company.

“And you may feel alone, but I’ll always be here to be alone with you,” he said.

The voices counting down from ten drifted through the air as the new year quickly approached.

Marley looked up into Johnny’s eyes.

“Maybe this year will be different,” she said losing herself in him.

“Here’s to hoping,” he said as he leaned in, pressing his lips to hers, kissing her as the clock turned to midnight and the new year began.

Happy New Year!

-I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and I hope you all enjoyed this surprise post!

-Over the winter break I had a bit of free time on my hands and decided to get a bit creative and type up this post. It’s been so long since I’ve written just for fun, now days my free time is usually spent working on research papers and essays so I’ve definitely missed blogging but enjoyed getting to work on a story for fun during my time off.

-Once again I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years! I’m not sure when I’ll post again, but I like to check back on WordPress from time to time whenever I have the chance.

-Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all soon.

je t’aime, m.

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Shades of Cool

United Airlines Flight | 6:45 p.m

Marley Andrews took a sip out of her sparkling glass of Perrier, soaring at a comfortable 39,000 feet in first class. She dabbed her upper lip to make sure her perfect pout remained, well, perfect. Next to her, Daniel Woods sat with a pair of Ray-bans resting on the bridge of his sculpted nose and his head leaned back against the seat. He let out a small groan as the plane shifted due to some turbulence.

“Party too hard last night, D?” Marley’s berry colored lips twisted into a smirk as she flipped through her issue of Lucky, looking less than impressed.

“Could you not talk so loud, my head feels like someone is hitting it with a sledgehammer,” Daniel complained as he began to massage his temples.

Marley gave a slight eye roll, “Should I call the flight attendant to come assist? She seemed to perk you up when she walked past earlier.”

“Oh please, the only think perky were her surgically enhanced boobs,” Daniel snickered at his own joke.

Disgusted, Marley smacked Daniel’s arm with her magazine, “Try not to be such a pig, Daniel.”

“Ouch, don’t be so insecure babe,” Daniel put a hand on Marley’s thigh and leaned his head onto her shoulder, “As much as I may seem interested in anyone other than you, just know I would never be unfaithful to you, you give me everything I want and you’re totally hot. Besides, I may be a douchebag, but at least I know when to break up with a girl instead of cheating.”

Marley shifted her shoulder from under his head, feeling less than sympathetic to her hungover boyfriend.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She asked, wondering what he was getting at.

“Y’know, cheating, like Chris has been doing to Dylan the whole time they’ve been together,” Marley’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped slightly open. She tore her gaze from her magazine and turned to Daniel to see if he was serious.

Clearly unfazed, Daniel folded a stick of gum and popped it into his mouth before chewing it loudly and continuing, “I mean who can blame him, playing house with Dyl has got to be exhausting. He was bound to break at some point with all that pressure she piled on him of being Mr. and Mrs. Perfect.”

Marley smacked Daniel with her magazine again, “You’re an ass, you know that?” She said, scoffing at how nonchalant he was about it all. Daniel shrugged before leaning his head back once again and closing his eyes.

In shock to what Daniel had just told her, Marley thought back to Dylan’s recent behavior; dodging details about her relationship with Chris, and how she acted at Valentine’s Dinner. Sometimes Marley thought Dylan was going crazy at how perfectly put together she seemed about everything.

According to Dylan everything was ‘perfect.’ As a matter of fact it was more than perfect, Dylan and Chris were doing ‘perfectly perfect.’

Marley remembered giggling with Grace when Dylan went on about how ‘perfect’ Chris had been the whole week after Valentine’s Day. “So uh, when’s the wedding then, D?” Grace had asked which caused Marley to shake like a chihuahua with laughter, and Dylan to raise a french tipped finger and flip them both off.

Marley’s heart sank as she thought about how devastated, not to mention, humiliated, her friend must have been. She sighed, thinking about the fact that Dylan had been going through it this whole time, alone. But if Marley knew anything about Dylan, she knew that she wouldn’t want anyone, not even her closest friends to know. So for now Marley decided it was best to put it out of her mind and pretend that she didn’t know, for Dylan’s sake.

“Dylan!” Marley’s high pitch voiced called across the baggage claim as she waved a manicured hand to her best friend. Her oversized sunglasses rode low on her ski slope nose as she walked over to where her friends stood in a circle, Daniel followed closely behind her staring down at his iPhone X.

“Hey, M!” Dylan and Marley put their arms around each other in an embrace.

“So good to see you babe,” the beautiful brunette smiled.

“C’mon boys, Grace and the others are waiting outside with the limo,” Dylan declared to the entourage made up by Daniel Woods, Chris Black, James Winston and Jessica Martinez.

“Not all of us are boys Dyl,” Jessica let out a nasaly laugh trying to pass at a joke but failing miserably. Dylan looked at Marley and rolled her bambi eyes, unimpressed at Jessica’s weak attempt at humor.

“Only my friends call me Dyl,” she answered, unamused.

Dylan linked arms with Marley before sauntering past a dumbfounded Jessica and leading the group outside where a shiny black limo waited for them. The driver opened the door to the car and Marley slid in next to Dylan. Inside, Grace Winston, Johnny Mayor, Liam McNulty, and Alice Chamberlain sat waiting.

“The party has arrived,” Daniel hollered sliding in across from Marley. The girls squealed as Liam popped a bottle of Dom, filling up shimmering crystal glasses and passing them around.

“To spring break,” Marley said raising her glass, “may it be filled with endless adventure and memories to last a life time,” her friends downed their glasses in agreement.

The car faded into a medley of laughter and chatter as they drove past the beaches of St. Lucia, in the background the 1975 played softly. Marley stared outside at the whirlwind of white sand beaches and blue water that passed by as the limo continued its route to the beach condos the group had rented out for the week.

Marley looked around at her friends and happened to catch Johnny’s eye. Her smile softened as her gaze landed on him and met his green eyes. Johnny was one of her best friends, but she had an inkling that something was about to change. Maybe a spring break getaway was just the thing she needed to figure out what change was awaiting in the week to come.

Welcome Back!

-Surprised to see me? Lately I’ve been missing blogging and having a creative outlet in my life so I decided to return for the moment and reinvent not only my blog but Marley’s character as well. Dylan reached out to me and we discovered that we’ve both missed writing together so we decided to give you all a little surprise and whip up this collab post.

-I’m not planning on sticking around, life is crazy with work and college and everything else it entails, but don’t be surprised if I’m feeling a sudden burst of inspiration and you see a new post from me pop up on your reader every once in awhile. I quite like the new Marley that I have thought up, and make sure to check out all of my pages to see what changes I’ve made to the blog.

-I hope you all enjoyed this post. I had so much fun brainstorming with Dylan and working with her over the last few weeks! Thank you, Dylan for asking me to collab with you, I loved every second of it as always. Make sure to let me know your thoughts on the comments, I love reading all of your feedback and what you thought about the posts, and click here to go read Dylan’s post and view her fabulous blog.

-As always, it’s been a pleasure, and I love and miss everyone in the community so much! Thank you so much for all your support over the years, and for reading everything I publish.

je t’aime, m.

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Stupid Cupid

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The Palace Hotel Bar

Valentine’s Day

The sound of laughter and happy couples all over the dining room of the Palace Hotel bar rang out. Red lipstick smudged the rims of crystal glasses as waiters brought out bottles of merlot and chardonnay. Marley Andrews sat alone at a table next to the window that overlooked the city. The blonde bombshell sported a sequined black evening gown that hugged every curve of her slim figure. Her lips were lined crimson, for the occasion of February 14th, and her blonde locks were styled in loose romantic curls.

The night seemed perfect, except for the fact that Marley had been sitting at her table alone for the past twenty minutes. She looked outside at the valets parking everything from Audi’s to Jaguars and watched as glamorous couples strolled up the steps of the hotel, arm in arm. Marley checked her phone for the fifteenth time in the last minute. No new messages. She picked up her glass of champagne and took another sip, her red lips leaving a print on the glass.

“I got to go I just got to the hotel, I’ll give you a call in a bit, thanks,” Marley looked up to see her not so fashionably but especially late date rushing over to her table. Philip Carlile ran his fingers through his already perfectly tousled waves and embraced Marley.

“I’m so sorry babe, my meeting ran much later than expected,” he apologized and kissed her cheek as he tried to catch the attention of a waiter near by. “It’s no big deal,” Marley flashed a laser whitened smile trying to put up a front, “I mean it’s not like it’s Valentine’s Day or anything,” she said half jokingly. Philip laughed before his phone began to buzz again, “Give me one second, M.” He answered his phone as Marley rolled her eyes and flipped through her menu.

Philip and Marley had been exclusive with their relationship for the past three months. Philip had everything to offer; status, wealth, looks, intellect. Everything except for a meaningful connection and a minute when he wasn’t caught up with another business deal, meeting or phone call, that is. Marley stared out the window again, her mind wandering to the days when dating wasn’t just something she did for the cameras or to make her publicist happy or to have some eye candy on her arm at the next red carpet event.

“I’m going to use the ladies room,” Marley got up from her seat and Philip nodded, still engaged in his phone conversation. Marley walked into the seemingly quiet bathroom and walked up to the floor length mirror. The reflection that stared back was perfect. An image that every girl would be envious of. Somehow she still wasn’t enough. She never would be. Not enough for Philip, not enough for her father, or her publicist. No matter what she did, she would never meet the expectations held for New York’s it girl.

She closed her eyes and took a big shaky breath. She let her mind drift back to the time when things were simpler. Where weekend nights were spent with her friends and at parties with people she knew. When she would stick her head out of the front seat window of Daniel Woods’ Camaro and breathe in the night air, feeling absolutely weightless. She remembered summers spent in Santorini where her biggest fear was being dared to jump off the cliff and into the ocean. She held Dylan Marvil’s hand and the two screamed the whole way down, but they were invincible. And Johnny Mayer. She remembered Sunday mornings waking up with Johnny Mayer by her side and hearing him tell her she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. She remembered him holding her when she felt absolutely broken and wanted nothing but to be small and disappear. She remembered the late night talks where she told him everything and he told her he still loved her not because of it but in spite of it all.

Marley opened her eyes and was transported back to the women’s bathroom feeling lighter than before. She walked out and walked back into the crowded dining room, she saw Philip standing in a corner, still on his phone. She took a breath and decided to keep walking, not that he would even notice. She reached down to take off her stiletto heels and walked straight out the door and into the chilly night. She walked along the sidewalk, passing shoppes and couples holding hands. She didn’t stop until she made it to midtown and stood outside an apartment complex that she knew all too well.

Walking inside she hurried up the staircase, the stone floor cold on her barefeet. Once she made it to the third floor she stood outside the door for a minute wondering if she could gather enough courage to knock. She finally felt brave enough and rapped on the door. A messy haired boy answered. He stood in gray sweatpants and a faded v-neck with no shoes on.

“Marley?” Johnny Mayer rubbed his eyes and stared at her in surprise.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Johnny.”

Hey friends!

-I’m not returning, I’ve just been wanting to write and take a break from college papers and homework.

-I hope you liked this post!

-I miss you all so much! Let me know how you’re doing and I hope you’ve all been well xx.

je t’aime, m.

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See You Soon

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As I sit here behind my laptop screen I try to think of all the words I want to say. I think you may all know what’s coming, like many other bloggers I’ve been struggling to find inspiration and keep this going. I don’t want to quit, I’ve never wanted to stop blogging as Marley Andrews (or Massie Block even though I’ve been super inactive on OXMB for months now). Over the past four years Marley has grown from a small town girl from Georgia who was running away from her problems to a confident, scandalous socialite who is trying to find herself in the city. In a lot of ways I was Marley. I created this character and blog in the middle of my freshmen year. I had just moved to a new town and had no friends. I was insecure, and unsure of myself and just wanted to be heard. One day I stumbled across two beautiful blogs. They were mature, and original, based in the college setting of Brown University. I quickly emailed one of the girls who started the college blogs, asking her if I could be apart of her group. She accepted my application and soon I was a member of Brown University’s Darlings. Thinking back on all these memories of when I first started out here on WordPress makes me so happy. I found friends, when in real life I didn’t have any. I had girls from across the country liking and commenting on my posts, but would sit by myself at lunch the next day. WordPress was such a safe haven for me, I remember coming home right after school and logging onto my blog and AIM to talk with my friends about new creative ideas for posts and pages. I am forever thankful for the friends I have made here on WordPress and for all the girls who have stuck by me throughout the four years I’ve been here.

Now to the hard part. The purpose of this post. I don’t want to say goodbye. I honestly can’t even bare the idea of Marley Andrews fading away from my life. I think about her every day, wondering what crazy situation she’ll get herself into next. But for now I think it’s time for a break, or a pause. This isn’t goodbye, who knows I might be back in a month, with fresh ideas for the new year. However, right now I’m unsure of what I want to do. The four years that I have been here on WordPress have shaped me into an entirely new person. I am no longer a shy freshman in high school, afraid of what people will think or who I’m going to sit with at lunch. I have found my voice, I have a better idea of who I am and who I want to be, what I want to do with my life, and I can honestly say if I didn’t start blogging I wouldn’t be the same. I have fallen so in love with writing and this blog has been such an amazing outlet for that. I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing or imagining posts of Johnny finally finding the courage to confess his feelings for Marley, or Dylan and Marley going to lunch at some five star L.A. restaurant. The characters of Brown University have such a special place in my heart, and I will never forget all the adventures we’ve had together.

So for now, this isn’t goodbye but a see you later. I want to say thank you all so so much for supporting my writing and my ideas. Thank you to all my friends and the amazing girls that I’ve worked with over the years. I have no idea what I would do without you all. I want to thank Dylan in particular, who came up with so many amazing ideas that contributed to the success of not only my blog, but everyone in our group. You were such a great leader and helped keep us on track. I don’t know what we would have done without you. I want to thank you for staying with me even when it was just the two of us trying to figure out what to do with the Brown group and when the community started to die. Thank you for continuing to blog even when you didn’t feel as inspired as you used to, and for talking with me for hours on Skype about everything from post ideas to real life friend drama to the latest celebrity gossip. I love you so much girl, and I’m so glad we got to work together and become good friends.

As I finish up this post the image of a blonde girl walking a long a beach somewhere in California crosses my mind. She turns to look at me and smile. I know that while I’m gone she’ll be off jetting across the globe, continuing her modeling career, finding new guys to get hooked on, and causing nothing but trouble because that’s what little Miss Marley Andrews is best at. I know that I’ll never lose her, and that I’ll be back somewhere down the road to write down her latest adventures. We’ll just have to wait and see when that is. But until then, she’ll be waiting on my return.

To all you new bloggers keep writing, find yourself, make some friends, don’t worry too much about who’s using your face claim and enjoy the ride. WordPress is a magical place where a regular girl can pretend to be a socialite, or a model, or anything that she could think of. I love you all so so much, and I’ll see you soon.


Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang


Downtown Providence, RI

Drop tears in the morning, give in to the lonely, here it comes with no warning.

Marley stirred the straw around the old fashioned glass that held her mixed drink. She sat alone at the bar in a dimly lit club waiting for the rest of her friends to show. They should have been here by now, but leave it to Grace and Dylan to make a fashionably late entrance and leave her out of the loop. Looking across the club she saw a few guys dressed in black hooking up some wires to amps and tuning guitars. They must have been part of the stage crew or hired by one of the band members, aka James, Daniel & Chris.

For most bands starting out the goal was to become rich and famous, or something of that variation. However, these boys were already wealthy enough and had been living in the spotlight for some time now. Therefore, the motive behind the idea of forming a band seemed uncertain to Marley.

“Heyyy M,” a tipsy Grace Winston slung an arm around the blonde as she took a seat next to her. Dylan sat on the other side of Marley, but she seemed to be much more sober than Grace was. Another girl followed behind but seemed to be having trouble keeping up. Marley recognized her as Kristen Gregory, the girl who Dylan and Grace had introduced her to a few weeks back. “Sorry we’re late,” Dylan said digging through her Chanel bag, “Traffic was aw-ful.” She pulled out a crimson colored lip stick along with a handheld mirror and began touching up her already perfect lips. Grace giggled as a guy across from her gave her a seductive look. Grace bit her lip at him, before standing up from the bar stool she had been sitting on. “I’ll be right back girls,” she said a bit too loudly.

Marley and Dylan laughed as their friend sauntered off. “Shouldn’t we go after her?” Kristen spoke up. Marley had almost forgot she was even there, she had been so quiet. Dylan gave a slight eye roll as she turned to Kristen. “It’s Grace, she can take care of herself.” Marley knew Dylan well enough to know that Kristen’s presence bothered her, she wasn’t sure why exactly, but the truth always has a way of coming out.

“Alright we’re about to get started,” a voice said over the speakers. Marley looked up from her drink and saw Daniel, James and Chris begin to take the stage. A cluster of girls in cheap mini dresses began to crowd around them. Marley rolled her eyes, annoyed at the girls’ obvious desperation. As the music started Marley couldn’t help but notice Daniel staring straight at her as he performed. She shifted in her seat, a bit uncomfortable from his intense gaze.

“Oh em gee M, Daniel is totally eye fucking you,” Grace laughed as she stumbled back into a seat next to Marley and Dylan. “Grace!” Marley widened her eyes as she laughed at her friend’s comment. “He is not,” Marley said as she turned to her phone, trying to seem uninterested. “Whatever,” Grace said elbowing Marley in the ribs, “I need a drink.” Grace waved her hands trying to grab the bartender’s attention.

“We’re gonna take a quick break, but don’t go anywhere we’ll be right back.” Daniel flashed a smile at some of the girls in the front row, causing them to uncontrollably giggle.

“I’m gonna go see what the guys are up to,” Marley said standing up from her seat. “Wanna come with?” She asked Dylan and Grace. “We’ll meet up with you later, I think it’d be best if James didn’t see her like this,” Dylan said referring to Grace’s intoxicated state. Even though Grace could handle herself, James still played the protective older brother card, and whenever he saw Grace having a little too much fun he always had a way of involving himself.

Marley nodded, understanding that Dylan was right. She headed to the back of the club where there was a room set up for the boys. She pushed through the crowd standing around the front of the stage until she finally made it through to a dark hallway that led to the back room. The room was dimly lit with a few old couches and chairs. There was a table at the front with drinks and an expensive looking spread of hors d’oevres.

“Hey baby did you come to give me a good luck gift,” Chris said from one of the couches that he was stretched out on, shirtless of course. “Where’s your shirt slut?” She asked raising an eyebrow. She heard James snicker from where he sat in the corner, but didn’t look up from his phone. “I spilled something on it, my boy Dan is getting me a new one. You didn’t seem to have a problem the last time I was shirtless.” He winked, and pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his back pocket.

“Ugh don’t remind me,” Marley said taking a seat across from him, “I’ve been trying to get that picture out of my head for months now.” She smirked as Chris ignored her jab and put a cigarette in his mouth.

She heard footsteps and looked up to see Daniel walking in. He threw the clean shirt he was holding at Chris hitting him right in the head as he was taking a drag of his cigarette. Chris started to uncontrollably cough. Marley couldn’t help but laugh before meeting Daniel’s eyes.

“Hey,” he said, a soft smile crossing his face. “You did really great out there,” Marley said taking a step closer to him. Daniel grabbed Marley’s hand, “C’mon, let’s go somewhere a little more private,” he whispered in her ear. Goosebumps formed on the back of her neck when he did so.

Daniel took her a little further down the hallway and up a staircase. The stairs led to a big window that overlooked the city. He leaned up against the window and let go of her hand as she stood across from him. He pulled out a lighter and cigarette. “I’m really glad you came,” he said running his fingers through his hair. Marley leaned in towards him, wanting to take control. She knew she had surprised him with how close she was to his lips but she smirked before taking the lit cigarette out of his hand and took a drag. “What you thought I wouldn’t show,” she said handing him back his cigarette.

Daniel flashed his famous half smile while meeting her gaze. “You’re always surprising me, Marley Andrews.” Her face became serious and she looked out across the city. When she turned back he was inches from her face, she looked up into his eyes, her stomach suddenly turning. “Kiss me,” he whispered. His hand brushed across her cheek as he leaned in and kissed her lips. He tasted like cigarettes.

She was enjoying his lips way more than she should’ve. He was supposed to taste like forbidden fruit, but every breath between them felt limitless. All of the walls she always put up suddenly melted, making her knees feel weak. He pulled away for a second, looking into her deep blue eyes. He moved a strand of her blond hair behind her ear and touched her skin with his hand again. He wanted to hold onto this moment, live in it forever. Because in that moment when their lips met, everything else seemed to melt away.

Hello Everyone!

—Once again I went way over my intended 600-700 words so I apologize for that, but I hope you still enjoyed!

—I know this post isn’t a regularly scheduled post, but I will be out of town starting tomorrow, so instead of having a post Friday I thought I’d go ahead and put one up early. I’m not sure if I will have a post next Friday, but if not the next scheduled post will be on the first Friday of November and will be a Halloween post.

—I really liked writing this post, it’s probably one of my favorites so far. Let me know what you thought in the comments!

—I didn’t really have a particular song in mind for this post (the title is actually the name of a lipstick I just purchased), but the lyrics at the top go with the song Capsize, which I’ve been listening to a lot lately. It doesn’t go with this post but if you’re looking for new music go ahead and check it out!

—I hope you’re all having a lovely week so far, let me know how your week is going in the comments below! Don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe & I will see all you lovelies next time!

Until then,

je t’aime, m.

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Brown University, Providence

I could take you there, if you let me see, why you are the one & you the one for me

Marley sipped out of her mug of chai tea as she sat wrapped in a knit blanket next to the window of her dorm room. To her right was a worn leather cover book that she kept her sketches in. It lay open, with a blank page staring up at her begging her to put her pencil to its pages. She furrowed her brow in frustration, unable to gain inspiration on what to put down.

Sketching used to come so easily to her. She had fond memories from her childhood of when her mother bought her her first sketchbook. She had longed so much to be just like her mother and create intricate designs and sketches of beautiful gowns and outfits. Unlike her mother however, her artistic passion led her in a different direction. Marley fell in love with watercolor and oil paintings on beautiful canvases. Her mother saw Marley’s eye for art and would take her to downtown art museums whenever she wasn’t busy working on a runway show. Marley would paint for hours, it gave her a feeling she couldn’t describe.

The ding of the alarm on her iPhone 7 woke her from her daydream. She looked at the clock on her phone and realized her first class started in twenty minutes. Marley began to put her books into her Kate Spade New York purse. Her phone buzzed and she unlocked it to view her messages.

Johnny: Are we still on for coffee after class?

Daniel: A little birdy told me we have the same class this morning, see you there.

Marley ignored Daniel’s message and replied to Johnny letting him know they were still on for coffee. She was excited for her coffee date with her friend, Johnny always had a way of making her feel better and taking her mind off of things.

She looked in her full length mirror one last time to check over her perfect ten outfit before walking out the door of her room and walking to class.


Marley tried to keep her eyes open as her History Professor started up on hour two of his three hour lecture. Being a student was probably one of the most boring parts of her life. She was a celebrity, on the cover of magazines, booking modeling jobs every week and flying to Tahiti for photoshoots. What did she need a college education for? She tried to push the negative thoughts out of her mind. She reminded herself that she wanted to do more than just model and go to Kendall Jenner’s birthday parties. She wanted to be a journalist working alongside Anna Wintour, or opening a fashion line like the Olsen twins. She needed an education in order to get to the top.

Sitting up straighter, she tried to focus on the lecture until something hit her on the back of the head. Turning around she looked up and saw Daniel and Chris a few rows behind her with paper airplanes. Marley rolled her eyes, “Grow up,” she mouthed at the boys. Her phone buzzed which caused her to turn back around and read the message.

Daniel: Wait for me after class. Also, Chris said you look hot today, I said you look hot everyday.

A smile crept across her face, but she did her best to conceal it. As annoying as Daniel and Chris were, Marley couldn’t help but appreciate their charming personalities and witty comments. She turned back around to see Daniel staring at her with a devilish half smile on his face. Secretly his half smile made her heart skip a beat.

The professor dismissed them and Marley began to pack up her books. She could already see Daniel leaning against the wall outside the door waiting for her. She walked over towards him. “So what’d you want to talk to me about?” She said as she pulled out her phone to send Johnny a text that class was over.

“Well some of the guys and I have decided to start a rock band.” Marley stifled a laugh as she looked up at him, “You, in a band?” “What’s so crazy about that?” He said with a smile, “Oh, nothing it’s just I’ve had my fair share of hookups with rockers, and well you just don’t really seem to fit the part.” She said with a smirk.

Daniel put his hand over his heart as if he was offended, but she knew he was too light hearted to take anything seriously. “I’ll let you know that I can be very bad ass.” Marley laughed, “Oh I’m sure you can,” she said giving him a playful shove. “Allow me to prove it to you. Come to our first gig. We’re playing at a small bar downtown this weekend.” Before Marley could answer he began to walk away, “You better show, I don’t do well with being rejected!” Marley smiled and shook her head. She’d never admit it, but she couldn’t wait to see Daniel in a pair of ripped jeans and a leather jacket.

“I tried again today,” Marley said to Johnny as she stared off into the distance. The two friends sat at a booth in one of their favorite downtown cafes. Times like these were Marley’s favorites. She had never really had anyone that she could be so open with, but once she met Johnny it was like things just clicked. Hardly anyone even knew about her past, or her love of the arts and classic musicians. But Johnny did. Johnny listened, and Johnny was honest with her. Whenever she was having trouble thinking straight she knew that she could always fall into his arms and look into his sea green eyes and know that it was going to be okay.

“I tried sketching for the first time in forever, but it just didn’t feel…” she trailed off. The anniversary of her mother’s death was coming up and whenever it came around she always felt distant. Like she was watching her own life play out from the outside. “It didn’t feel natural.” Johnny finished for her. He reached out and grabbed her hand that lay on the table. “Marley, it’s okay. It’s gonna take time for you to get back in the swing of things, but I really think you should start painting again.”

She turned her attention back to him and met his eyes. The idea of her painting sounded so strange. She had changed so much from when she was a young teenager who used to paint, and go to art museums. “I don’t know. My life is so different now, maybe I shouldn’t-” “Marls don’t say that. You know that you should. Painting is part of who you are. I know it’s different now, you have the media putting up this image of you and people thinking they know you, but they don’t. I know you, you know you. You’re artistic and beautiful and creative, and that’s why I love you.”

She met his eyes again. It wasn’t the first time he had said he loved her, he had always told her he loved her, but neither of them ever interpreted it as anything romantic. It was just something friends who cared about each other would say. Nobody had ever seen her as vulnerable as Johnny. He had seen her at her worst, and continued to show how much he cared. Johnny was the only person who had probably ever seen her, bare, or exposed. And for that she knew that he had to love her, not necessarily in a romantic way, but Johnny loved her. It was so strange to think that someone could love someone as screwed up as her.

Johnny cleared his throat and released Marley’s hand. “I should probably get going,” “Yeah me too,” they both stood up and Johnny left some cash on the table.

“I’ll see you later, J.” Marley said, she kissed him on the cheek before heading out the door. As she walked out of the cafe a brisk October breeze blew across her face. As she started up the street the strangest thought crossed her mind. For some reason when Johnny told her he loved her, she wanted to say it back.

Welcome Back Friends!

—Okay whoa, I know what you’re thinking. Another long post, really. But I got excited and couldn’t control myself. This post originally was supposed to be a filler but if you read all of it start to finish you know that this was definitely not a filler! This kind of sets the tone for the plotline of my upcoming posts, so I hope you’re as excited as I am!

—New fall makeover is up! I was inspired by soft browns and mocha colors that I just think are so cozy and perfect for fall. Let me know if you like the makeover in the comments below, as well as what colors remind you of fall.

—This post was inspired by the song Bare by Wildes. This song is so beautiful and really gave me vibes for this post. I definitely recommend listening to this song if you haven’t heard it before, it just gives me chills every time I listen to it. You can check it out here.

—I know the community has been pretty dead which makes me really sad, but in attempt to encourage activeness I have decided I will be checking out as many of your blogs as I can! I’ll be liking posts and commenting positive messages. If you want me to check out your blog and/or posts, pages etc. leave a comment below.

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Victoria Beckham Show, NY

Pretty cameras, pretty cameras, am I glamorous? Tell me am I glamorous?

 New York Fashion Week. One of the most anticipated and prestigious events held in the fashion world. Twice ever year, the show travels to the different fashion capitals across the globe in February and September. The event showcases the works of the top designers in the industry over the course of seven to nine days. Top models walk the runway, journalists scribble away in their notebooks, photographers capture every moment, and celebrities grace the front rows as they admire the articulate works of Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham, Marc Jacobs and many more.

Marley Andrews was one of those celebrities who happened to land a front row seat at this years Victoria Beckham showcase. Along with her other A-List friends of course. Marley Andrews and Dylan Marvil stood in a dimly lit corner of the building sipping champagne and waiting to take their seats before the show started. The girls smiled and wrapped their arms around one another as a photographer came up and asked to take their picture.

Dylan and Marley chatted while they waited for their dates to arrive. Marley had decided to invite Christopher Black to attend the show with her. The rest of the boys from the group were also coming as well, but Marley needed to pick one of them to show off as arm candy. Since Chris hadn’t left her alone since their most recent sleepover, Marley decided to go ahead and invite him as her date. He was good looking, had a high social status, and would give her great publicity. She could already envision their picture on the front of every magazine cover, questioning if the two were the next ‘it’ couple.

“Hello gorgeous,” a voice whispered in Marley’s diamond studded ear. Marley rolled her eyes expecting to turn around and come face to face with Chris. However, she was surprised when her eyes met those of Daniel Woods instead. “Surprised to see me?” He said with a wink.

“More like unimpressed,” Marley turned back to her glass of champagne. “I thought I looked pretty nice if I do say so myself,” he said charmingly with his British accent that Marley so secretly loved. “Although I must say, no one else here could even come close to how spectacular you look Miss Andrews.” Daniel inched his face closer to hers and teasingly bit his lip.

“As flattered as I am,” Marley responded sarcastically, “I’m afraid you’ll have to save your compliments for someone else. I already have a date for tonight.” Marley flicked a strand of blonde hair off her shoulder as she watched Daniel’s facial expressions play out. She had hoped that her comment would phase him, causing him to show some sign of jealousy, or something that proved he cared and this wasn’t all just a game. However, Daniel kept his cool and continued to toy with Marley. He already knew all about her ‘date,’ it wasn’t like Daniel to not do his research. Chris had already told him all about the arrangement.

“How could you do that to me, love? I thought we had something special between the two of us,” he flashed a smile and ran his finger tips along the shoulder strap of Marley’s embellished Michael Kors gown. When his fingers met her skin it sent a shiver down her spine, which frustrated her all the more. She refused to let him win. She would not allow him to manipulate her. Manipulation was her forte but leave it to Daniel to try and turn the tables for once. Marley was always in control, and Daniel was no exception, so she decided to engage in his game.

She pursed her lips into a seductive smirk as she backed even further into the corner where no one could see them. Her eyes dared him to come closer. As he inched towards her she wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning in close. She could feel his gaze on her wine colored lips as she stared up at him. “Daniel,” she purred, “We do have something special.” Daniel began to run his hands down her sequined gown and stopped at her hips. His pulse quickened and his breath was heavy, which meant she was once again in full control. “It’s just all in your head.”

Daniel’s expression stiffened as he realized he had just been beat at his own game. Marley bat her eyes at him, “Now if you’ll excuse me,” she began to walk away from him, “I’ve got to find my date. Enjoy the show, love.” She smiled as she made her way to her seat close to the catwalk.

She took her seat in between Dylan and Chris. “Where have you been?” She arched an eyebrow as she looked at Chris. “Sorry, I got caught up.” Chris said distractedly as he scrolled through his phone. Marley was confused, normally she had Chris wrapped around her manicured finger, but tonight he seemed different. Sidetracked by something or someone else.

Marley stifled a yawn, bored by Chris’s lack of personality. She turned her attention to Dylan, who seemed invested in finding someone to fetch her another glass of champagne. However, right as Marley was about to spark up a conversation with her friend, the lights dimmed signaling the show would be starting soon. She looked up as she got the feeling that someone was staring at her. Across the room was Daniel, standing in the shadows with a know it all smirk across his face. Her phone buzzed as she looked at him. She tore her eyes away from his as she unlocked her phone to read the message he had just sent.

Daniel: You may have won this round, but I’ve already contemplated my next move. Are you ready for it?

Good Evening Lovelies!

—What’s this? It actually seems that I’ve kept somewhat of a schedule going? I have some more posts pre drafted, so get ready for more of an every other week posting schedule!

—This post was inspired by a Lana Del Rey song which you can check out here.

—I apologize for the length of this post, but I had so much fun writing it that I got a little carried away. However, I hope you all enjoyed reading it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

—A new fall makeover will be up with my next post. I’m super excited because fall vibe makeovers are my absolute favorite.

—Just a friendly reminder that my faceclaim is Gigi Hadid, and I still have a claim on Taylor Swift as well, so please refrain from using both of them in respect to my blog!

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Panera Bread, Providence

She had a face  straight outta magazine God only knows but you’ll never leave her.

“I’m telling you Johnny, our society is more concerned over what the Kardashian’s are doing than anything else.” Marley Andrews stated before stabbing a tomato with her fork from her Greek salad, and popping it into her mouth. Johnny Mayer took a sip of lemonade before adjusting his Ray Ban sunglasses and listening to his friend continue her rant.

The two were seated at an outdoor table with an umbrella overhead. The weather in Providence was rather teasing. It was somewhat cloudy and cool whenever the sun disappeared behind the clouds, making you want to sport your newly purchased fall wardrobe. However, due to the sun unable to make up its mind on whether it wanted to stay behind the clouds or come out and play, it still felt like a summer day rather than early fall.

“Anyway, what are your plans for the day?” Marley asked, as her iPhone 6s that rested on the mesh table began to buzz. She half listened to her friend discuss his plans for the rest of the afternoon as she opened up her new message.

Chris Black: You were a good time last night. Round two tonight?

“Ugh, gross.” Marley said, setting down her phone. “What is it?” Johnny questioned as he continued to sip his drink. “Boys are such pigs, you give them one night and lay out the rules for them. Plain and simple. And what do they do? Completely ignore your rules and beg for more.” She said as she flipped her blonde hair off her shoulder.

Marley had strict rules about the boys she spent time with. Number one, it wasn’t a date. Marley didn’t like the awkwardness of dating, and felt it was a waste of time anyway. Rule two, no strings. No texting the day after, no staying the next morning for breakfast, nothing. Finally, rule three. Marley considered herself a gem and rarity for boys. She didn’t have time for anyone to tie her down, therefore she was a one night stand and one night stand only. Even though she would leave anyone sane wanting another taste, she didn’t give them the time of day, making her precious, like a diamond.

Johnny and Marley had been friends for a little over a year now, and they trusted each other. Marley trusted him enough to let him in on her so called ‘fast’ life. She told him all the rules she had for hook ups, and what she looked for in what she called ‘victims.’ Johnny never had agreed with Marley playing the field so openly, but he cared about her, so he listened.

“Chris Black, really?” Johnny shook his head with discontent. “What?!” She said, widening her doe eyes. “He’s hot,” Johnny rolled his eyes as she continued, “Besides, he’s got a rep for being, well you know and I was just curious as to whether or not he’s everything everyone says he is.” Johnny picked up his phone and tried to look uninterested. The idea of the girl that he cared for so much tangled up with someone like Chris Black made him uncomfortable.

Everyone always told Marley that Johnny had feelings for her. However, she never listened. Johnny was too good for a wreck like her. He was kind, and smart, an intellectual and attractive, but Marley had already screwed up so many times that she felt like if she ever did give Johnny a chance it would only end in chaos. She treasured their friendship too much to possibly destroy it. Marley was always in the spotlight. The media could never give her a break, and Johnny didn’t deserve to be wrapped up in her disastrous life.

A shadow fell over the table and Marley looked up from her salad as her eyes landed on a gorgeous boy who could make any girl swoon with a flash of his lazer whitened smile. His dirty blonde hair looked messy, but Marley could tell that he probably spent at least thirty minutes trying to make it look that way. He was tall, muscular, and undeniably hot. Daniel Woods smiled as he pulled up a chair and sat a little too close to Marley, making her shift in her seat.

“What are you doing here?” Marley rolled her eyes as Daniel obviously looked her up and down and smiled. “Just here to pick up Johnny, the guys have plans today which on normal circumstances they would totally love for you to join, but unfortunately its guys night out. No girls allowed, sorry sweetheart.”

“No worries Daniel, I’m sure I’ll see you and your friends one way or another when it’s not guys night out.” Marley said with a bit of added sass, as she picked up her Givenchy handbag and stood up. “I’ll see you later Johnny. Oh and Daniel,” Daniel stared up at Marley as she pushed in her chair, “Tell your friends not to miss me too much,” she winked as she strutted off down the sidewalk and Daniel checked her out yet again.

“She sure is something isn’t she,” Daniel said as he stretched and leaned back in his seat. Johnny took off his sunglasses and held a serious expression. “Daniel, do me a favor and be careful with her.” Daniel raised his eyebrows as Johnny continued, “I know she’s you and yours guy’s next ‘target’ or whatever, but she’s my friend, and I care about her. So please, don’t break her like you do all your other toys. She deserves more than that.”

Welcome Back Loves!

—Welcome back to my blog! It’s been awhile hasn’t it?

—I am officially back, and I’m so glad to finally have my blog reopened. Everything has been redone from my makeover to all of my pages, so take a look around and tell me what you think!

—This post was inspired by the song ‘Robbers‘ by the 1975.

—I have changed my faceclaim to Gigi Hadid, and I’m so excited! I have also changed Marley’s personality quite a bit, but I’m very excited to start writing about the new Marley.

—School has officially started back up for me, but I’m going to try and be as active as I can. I’m hoping to post at least twice a month, if not every other week!

—I am blogging with the lovely OfficiallyDylan & KristenGregoryTheWit, and I can’t wait for you all to see what we have planned.

See you soon,

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